French Braid Hairstyles For Prom 

Haircare Guide For Best French Braid Hairstyles For Prom 

Porosity – the ability for hair to be able to absorb and retain moisture. Hair that has poor porosity will not be able to absorb or retain moisture as well as hair that has good porosity. Hair that is damaged to the point of being unable to retain water can become permanently dry.

Product build-up – Once the hair is coated, the problems start. Moisture cannot permeate through the wall of product build-up. Oils cannot diffuse when there is product build-up; they just sit on top of the cuticle layer, uselessly. Using any kind of hot styling tools, such as blow dryers or hot irons, adds to the damage and decreases the shine.

Getting rid of the frizz

Hair, in great condition, has a moisture (water) content of at least eight percent and the right balance of protein and natural oil. Most of us produce enough natural oil to keep our hair healthy, but lack the moisture.

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