Friend Tell All! Eric Bigger Reveals Shocking Details Behind Jordan & Jenna Scandal

I’m sure you’ve heard the news about Jordan, and Jenna can you believe it are you surprised I am shocked. Because , it’s like. But this is just I got a lot of question marks I’m like the timing of it it doesn’t make sense why you like right after the show. So there are some holes in that whole story that I just really don’t believe okay you know. So I don’t really know. I saw Jordan in on Toronto, and you know he was hurt you know he loves the girl he cares. But you know he’s definitely creating space, and dishes. So he can understand what is really going on it was really is the truth right. But do you think that those texts were actually her no cuz anybody can put a name, and put some words, and say it’s so good I’m gonna cooperate with the Rose, and this is what. I said right anybody can do anyone can Photoshop I mean a million different ways give it up for a happy couple as viewers we saw Jenna as halfway normal, and then we saw that, and we were like what the heck you were a friend of hers you spent a lot of time with her on the island how do you know her she’s fun she’s bubbly lots of energy she’s creative, and she’s a fun girl like she’s a good girl. But I saw their relationship never really it was moments when you’re on the beach, and they’re like making out, and I’m like wow this is like intense Wow and. So I’m interest Rana G right and. So what I know is jenna is a Gemini, and Jordan is a Capricorn. So there’s somewhat compatible. Because a Capricorn is the earth sounds they’re very grounded. Yeah Gemini as an air Sun. So they’re always in the clouds they’re always like up here thinking and. So she like gets him off his feet, and kind of keep him to like open up, and he kind of brings her down yeah. So there was a type of ballots, and yin, and yang in their relationship that I knew would work. But who knows there’s so much going on in this social media world people can make anything up. Yeah unfold in the next few weeks the truth will always come to light you.

Friend Tell All! Eric Bigger Reveals Shocking Details Behind Jordan & Jenna Scandal Photo Gallery

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