With its magnificent white sand beaches flanked by sand dunes and year-long sunshine, Fuerteventura is idyllic. The island is an essential destination for lovers of windsurfing and scuba diving with its 150 beaches in the north and south of the island, while on the east coast you will find cliffs and small, hidden coves.

The island boasts stunning natural beauty and thriving resorts and towns. Its unspoiled countryside can be seen at its best in Tindaya Mountain and the Betancuria Nature Reserve, the island’s largest areas of protected countryside.

Fuerteventura Photo Gallery

He looked at us, he looked at the fiver, he looked at his feet, he glared at the taxi driver; he shut the door. The taxi driver muttered angrily to himself all the way back to Bugis Street and we felt compelled to give him a large tip to make up for his loss of commission. Once inside a brothel, we would be led into a large lounge with sofas scattered around the walls. No music, dim lighting, tiled floor, little or no decoration – just a ceiling fan whirring and clattering above our heads and the cheep-cheep sound of night insects coming through the louvered windows. The man would depart and the mama-san would arrive. She fussed around and brought us cold beer and asked who was wanting what. Once she had identified the participants, the rest of us were ignored while she agreed terms, which was always money upfront and paid to the mama-san, never to the girl. Essentially, the choice was ‘short time’, which was an hour, or ‘all night’ which lasted until early light and could be anything between two and six hours, depending upon when we arrived. We invariably arrived after midnight. No on ever wanted more than a short time.

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