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Kapha individuals require minimal oil or none at all with massage, using instead a natural, Fun very short haircuts unscented talcum powder which can be purchased from most health food stores. If an essential oil is used at all, the best ones for kapha individuals include eucalyptus, cinnamon, orange peel (since this can cause sun sensitivity, avoid strong sunlight after a massage with orange peel), ginger and myrrh. All of these oils are stimulating and it would be well advisable, after diluting approximately 7-10 drops of essential oil in 25ml/1 fl oz carrier oil, to test an area of skin first to check for any possible sensitive reaction.

Unlike the sensitive gentleness of the pitta massage with its sweeping regular movements designed to relax, the kapha is actually quite fast and vigorous. You will notice that when having a massage the hands sweep over you firmly and energetically, keeping to a constant rhythm. If giving such a massage to a friend or partner, be aware that it can surprisingly be quite tiring. The aim is to kick-start and stimulate the metabolism that tends towards the sluggish.

Concentrate on the hip and groin areas to encourage lymphatic drainage, and also around the armpits to release any congestion. Finally, note as always that essential oils must be diluted and should not be taken internally. Do not to use the same essential oil for more than two weeks. If you are pregnant or have a diagnosed medical condition, do not use any essential oil without consulting a qualified practitioner The risks are not worth taking.

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