Timothy Spall, Keeley Hawes and Victoria Wood star in this brilliant version of Raymond Briggs’ story – about a slimy creature who lives underground and spends his days scaring humans.

Though according to Mr Spall: Even though Fungus is a snot-ridden, farting monster, he is actually quiet, very polite and very decent.


I was on the eight-to-twelve watch that night and went up to see the Campo with Max after we got off at midnight. The Campo was huge and clean, lots of brightly painted cabins scattered around a big central area with a bar and restaurant. It was packed out with British and Dutch sailors and a few Germans. We sat at the bar and drunk Amstel, girls twittering around us: gorgeous Latin ladies, mostly from Venezuela. They had poor English skills but made up for it with South American smoulder. After about an hour, Max announced that he was going shagging and I was left at the bar with a group of Dutch junior officers from the ship that was tied up astern of the Horomaya. They seemed a nice enough crowd, although I noticed the bosun keeping a wary eye on me from across the floor. It was a long night; at 2.00 a.m, I went down to the chocolate box capital, Willemstad, with the Dutch officers, to be introduced to the late night-life.

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