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Pebble tables, Lucas sofa, Hug armchair and Diamond and Stripe cushions from Iqrup + Ritz.


We stood there looking ashamed of our evilness. The woman hurled abuse over her shoulder as she stalked back to her car, dragging her daughter behind her. There are few sights more unnerving that an outraged Englishwoman abroad. On the morning of the fourth day, we set out from Ras Al Khaymah on a fast launch across the clear blue waters of the Persian Gulf to rendezvous with the Horomaya. We came across her half an hour later as she lay rocking in the gentle swell, an 18,000-ton white oil ship with a wooden pilot-ladder slung over the side for us to scale. The ship was light in the water and it was a long climb up the hull. We were both fit and strong, although clambering up a swaying rope-ladder is never easy. The Egyptian agent was having a real struggle ahead of us. He was fat and over 50 and he wheezed and groaned and stopped continually while we all held on, swinging gently back and forward, the launch far below. Jimmy and I looked at each other, sharing the same concern that the agent would have a heart attack and fall off to crash down onto us; we wished we had gone first.

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