Gabriela Artigas jewelry collection

These earrings by Grace Lee, 14-karat gold with a diamond-encrusted edge, were also lifted.

You can order your own, custom-engraved, for $338 each on

A 14-karat rose-gold ring with pave diamonds is part of Goop’s Gabriela Artigas jewelry collection. It sells for $1,335 and was one r . of the stolen items.

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I never had another fever attack. We left one of the ABs behind in Takoradi – one of the junkie-set who was known as ‘Leech’ Leech was a pale, skinny man of about 25, with shoulder-length ginger hair, a nervous twitch and a permanently spaced-out expression. In fact, he looked exactly like everyone thought a drug-crazed hippy should look, although I always found him a friendly man who could be quite charming in between his bouts of sticking his head into a tank of jet fuel fumes or stuffing himself with pills (after which he moved into another world). It remained a mystery as to what actually happened to him. The ship was delayed for several hours and the captain and chief mate looked very grim. Jimmy and I made sure we wore our grim faces too. There were various stories circulating that he had been thrown in prison, had been kidnapped, had been murdered, had signed on a Norwegian freighter or had gone into the bush to join a tribe that grew weed. I subscribed to the belief that he had been killed in a fight in a bar near the docks and dumped in the harbour with weights tied to him. I based this on the good authority of Jimmy, who had been told this by the second mate, who had been told this by the chief mate. It was only after a few days that this story lost its credibility when I found out that the chief mate’s source was the bosun, who in turn had been told by one of the AB alchies, who had been told by one of the dock workers, who he had met in a bar when he was drunk out of his skull.

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