SOLUTION: This could be attributed to a number of different causes. The top coat may not have been cured for long enough. Every layer of colour needs to be cured and dried thoroughly before applying top coat, otherwise it won’t set and will lack shine. Similarly, if nails are not prepped thoroughly this will result in the layers of gel not curing. Another possibility is that the client’s nail plate has too much moisture, in which case use of pure acetone will help dry the nails.

Post-treatment, the use of chemicals such as alcohol, acetone and anything abrasive will affect the shine of a gel manicure, so advise clients to wear gloves when using strong chemicals at home to keep their manicure shiny. Ensure nails are properly prepped, don’t apply thick coats of product and make sure you cure the nails for the recommended time.

Kruti Ghandi is education manager for Essie Professional UK Favorite shade: Essie Gel Nail Color in Deep Pockets

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