Gene Simmons Reveals The Origins Of His ‘Iconic’ KISS Makeup

What’s up guys I’m keeping that in here with the legendary Jean Simmons we’re already rocking out this morning how are we doing Jean thank you for being here I’m deliriously happy was that a short answer. So let’s talk about kiss makeup. Yeah I mean this is legendary the most iconic makeup in music history actually in the four most recognized faces on earth you can ask people who the Mount Rushmore faces are, and they’ll get it wrong. But everybody knows kisses faces. So how did this all get started, and kind of talk us through like what it goes into getting. This look you know I’d like to think that there was a master plan. But, it’s happenstance which is another way of saying a singularity it just happened 1973 in New York City which is where we are there were four bums off the streets of New York, and I was one of them who decided to create the band they never saw on stage. Because I was sick, and tired of guys, and ripped jeans, and t-shirts looking on the floor, and strumming guitar, and charging full ticket price it looks like the visuals you know just like something oh, and then you meet her you know you want visual as well as everything else true how long does it take you to get in full kiss makeup two hours it takes me two hours Paul my partner since the beginning you can do it in 45 minutes. But he’s only got one star. So do you like wearing all this makeup do you. Yeah sometimes it gets annoying. But I like it. But you wear the makeup. Because makes me feel better makes me makes me look pretty okay no. Because you get the attention okay. Because when you walk out with the potato sack without I think not as much attention you have one of the most iconic rock, and roll stares of all time can you show me how to master this well you have shades on. Because the Sun never sets on Planet cool, and then the other thing the stare actually looks like this ready. Wow I’m an only child myself. So obviously you’re still on the road you are still touring can we expect any new music from you in the future it doesn’t appeal to me actually. Because everybody downloads, and file shares for free, and what you do here you get paid for right. Yeah I. So if I’m gonna put out a song I want to get paid for it too the answer is no, and kiss continues to rule the world we have 5000 licensed products here’s the joke Aryan fluent kiss condoms to kiss caskets will get you coming, and will get you going you got it all don’t worry I say that every day Jean thank you. So much for being here it was a pleasure to talk to me it really you.

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