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Removing make-up before bedtime should be done with an oil-based make-up remover using a small cotton wool pad and cotton buds (Q-tips) Clean the delicate area around the eye and up to the brows by dabbing gently without rubbing.

He was said to live in a tent on the edge of Dartmoor and catch his own food from the wild. He was said to talk to himself. He was said to have been a gun runner. He was avoided by the other lecturers, who disliked him for his strangeness.

He was said to frequent the whorehouses off Union Street.

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We never knew what was true and what was invention, but they were good stories so we embellished them further for the next intake, as had probably been done previously for us. He was certainly an unconventional man who wore strange, ill-fitting clothes and went into long periods of silence, followed by frantic and frenzied activity.

We took our little flotilla across the sound and back every Saturday, tacking and wearing to Polata’s orders. He sat in the stern of one of the whalers and used a loud-haler to shout commands to the rest of the boats. The rigging ropes were of sisal, which was rough on the hands and painful when wet.

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