George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

Venice, Italy

George Clooney’s love affair with Italy began long before he set eyes on the beautiful Amal Alamuddin, and as the owner of a luxury villa in Lake Como is not surprising he chose to marry in Venice. In September 2014 he tied the knot with Amal in a delightful ceremony in which his celebrity guests arrived by boat to the historic Hotel Aman, built in the 16th century palazzo. With rooms charged at around £700 per night, it’s just as well that his guests, including Bono, Matt Damon and Anna Wintour have very deep pockets!

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Photo Gallery

A canvas-top Jeepney drove up to the gangway and whoop-whooped its multi-tone horn. The shore-party – half a dozen of us – climbed in the back and sat on the bench seats that ran along either side. Our guard sat in the passenger seat: he had an M1 carbine across his legs and a Remington pump-action shotgun was propped up between his knees. He turned round and grinned at us – big piano-key teeth – then banged the dashboard and shouted at the driver in Tagalog. The Jeepney roared off into the early evening and we bumped down the rough road towards Bislig town centre. We cruised down the main street. There were boardwalks either side, like a Wild West town. The guard asked us to pick a bar. We chose the Pink Pelican, which sounded decadent and looked good with its pink neon sign and batwing doors. The guard walked towards the bar, M1 carbine hanging on its strap over his shoulder, the Remington pump gun held port across his chest.

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