Germaine De Capuccini TIMEXPERT C+ A.G.E Anti-Glycation Professional Treatment

Infused with Umeextract. Vitamin C derivative (VC -1P) and active fragrances, the Anti-Glycation Professional Treatment is the first professional anti-ageing treatment that counteracts the negative effects of skin glyca tion to effectively prevent premature ageing. With the ingredients combined, it creates a complete anti glvcation treatment to preserve youthfulness and eliminate the signs of aging and fatigue. With the combination of the Potent C Duo (A.G.E), FR Inverse Oleo Serum Phase 1 & A.G.E Inverse Emulsion Phase 2, and C Recharge Mask (A.G.E), skin is left ultra-revitalized and healthy.

Germaine De Capuccini TIMEXPERT C+ A.G.E Anti-Glycation Professional Treatment Photo Gallery

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