Get a Bikini Body in 6 Weeks

It’s not too late to say yes to the honeymoon bikini – a new super laser promises a flatter tum in just six weeks SCULPSURE, A NEW LASER BODY CONTOURING TREATMENT FROM THE U.S. HAS ARRIVED JUST IN TIME FOR YOUR BIG DAY. If you are seeking to shift stubborn fat for a nicer silhouette – especially around your middle – this new FDA-approved laser could be what you (and mum, too) are looking for.
It’s like a lightning workout for the stomach, without the downtime. The treatment is available at LaserSculpt, the UK’s only dedicated SculpSure provider. A growing network of boutique clinics, LaserSculpt are specialists in laser body contouring, and are led by laser guru Dr Steve Powell. A high-tech treatment is only as good as its practitioner, and Dr Powell is a specialist in laser body contouring.

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His expertise is enhanced by his own experience of weight loss using SculpSure, too – it’s a great idea for the groom. Why SculpSure? It’s a new laser developed in the U.S. to target stubborn fat deposits without the need for surgery. There’s no need for anaesthetic, no scarring or bruising, and it gives results that last. SculpSure is especially effective on the back and stomach, as well as love handles and arms.

It can work either in isolation (for a one-off, body perfecting hit), or alongside a tailored fitness and nutritional programme to get the best results. LaserSculpt clinics’ holistic approach offers treatment alongside specialist advice, collaborating with top personal trainers to offer an enhanced treatment package. Thanks to LaserSculpt, you can expect to feel great as well as looking fantastic.

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