How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat Very Fast


Now list the five strongest emotions you felt during all these challenges:

Emotion number 1,

For example – anger

Answer these questions about your emotion:

a) Why did you feel it?

b) How did you relieve it or cope with it?

c) Did you feel better aferwards?

d) Did it happen again?

e) How do you feel now?

If there are any residual emotional echoes of how you felt during the challenges, keep a note of these so we can use them later during a special emotional freedom tapping sequence.

Let’s face it: there isn’t anyone who welcomes negative feelings. Ideally you can get to a position where bad feelings are like bad weather – you know they’ll pass and, just like when you know it’s going to rain, so you prepare yourself and carry your umbrella. You know what you need to do to get through them Together we are going to ensure that you get yourself into a great situation where food will never again be your preferred method of medicating yourself.

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