Get Rid Belly Fat During Menopause

See your smiling face, see each part of your radiantly healthy, skinnier new body. Smile at the strength, health, energy and vitality that surges through your newly visualised body. And feel really happy about it. Underline the vision with a warm, happy feeling of complete well-being. Hold the picture and imagine taking a photograph with your mind. Hear the camera shutter click as you record the stunning new picture of how you are. The picture of who you are becoming.

The powerful vision of the happier, fitter, skinnier new you! Lock this picture in your mind. Hold it in your heart. See it every time you close your eyes. This vision is the future. Use it all the time and you will rally all your hidden creative resources to bring this beautiful new vision of yourself into being.

We do not live in a culture that highlights the importance of mindfulness. We are constantly bombarded by images, noises, distractions and background chaos. We also have to live with the judgement of everyone around us. No wonder we find it difficult to concentrate and to relax. But there are many, simple and effective methods that can help us train our minds to follow our directions and meditation probably offers the simplest, most obvious and direct advantages. There is no religious or philosophical aspect to this exercise. It’s just a technique for calming the mind. It takes only fifteen minutes. But it’s a method that requires fifteen minutes every day. The daily repetition amplifies the results.

The only equipment you need is a chair, preferably a firm chair with good support for your back. A straight back is supposed to be better for meditation. Being comfortable is also very helpful. Relax your hands on your lap, close your eyes, focus on the spot between your eyebrows and breathe. Just follow your breath gently in and out. That’s it. No chanting, humming or repeating strange mantras.

Just good old-fashioned breathing and the focus of concentrating lightly on the breath. The effects are cumulative. They build up gradually as you practise every day. You’ll feel calmer. You’ll find your powers of concentration improve. You’ll be able to relax more easily. Your power to visualise will become more sharply defined. Your mind will begin to follow your directions. You will get a sense of the potential within you. Mastering the mind is a method for mastering ourselves. All this from just fifteen minutes a day. The effects might surprise you because as you learn to become calmer, your body will feel much more comfortable. No prescriptions are required. Just those simple fifteen minutes of daily meditation and you’ll soon be looking forward to the sessions with real enthusiasm You might enjoy the benefits so much that you’ll want to meditate for longer.

Your vision of the happier, fitter, skinnier new you is the new background picture of your life. It represents the possibility of achieving everything you have chosen for yourself. Every day, you are living the journey of moving towards that possibility. The vision does not have a deadline. There can be no disappointment with the results because you are living every day in the possibility of its realisation.

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