Get Rid Belly Fat While Pregnant

Set Goals

By engaging the strategies described above and eliminating the poisons from your daily fare, your body will finally be permitted to reflect its evolutionary potential and move into a fitter, leaner and healthier profile. The process of exercising control over your impulses delivers significant advantages in other areas of your life. You lose weight. You develop strategies to tame your urges. You train your will. You discover your power of focus. You realise that you can achieve all the goals you set for yourself.

We’ve discussed the advantages that flow from a more developed level of self control in our lives but we need to recognise that the goals themselves are equally as important as the ability to carry them through to completion.

Choosing goals that are meaningful to us as individuals, goals that are endowed with a strong motivational nature and a deep sense of personal relevance, can carry us through decades of effort towards the chosen outcome. Regaining control of our weight, however, can happen within weeks.

Choosing your goals for the right reasons is an important consideration in achieving permanent control of your weight. The benefits become so attractive to our sense of well-being that we become unwilling to compromise our health and then we find that our perspective on food choice has shifted permanently. We have accomplished a change in our behaviour. We have developed new habits.

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