How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat Running

Quinoa can be found filling the shelves in health stores everywhere but it can act very much like a grain and produce similarly harmful effects. Quinoa just got cancelled. The same applies to buckwheat, amaranth and other gluten-free grain substitutes.

Safflower or sunflower oil is also off the menu because we want to cut out vegetable oils as much as possible.

Salt is an important part of the human diet. You might not know that iodised table salt also contains a sugar in the form of dextrose. This sugar is used to block the oxidisation process that would effectively neutralise the potassium iodine that’s an important part of iodised salt. You still need salt in your diet and it’s almost impossible to eat outside of the house without encountering iodised salt: it’s added to restaurant and processed food as standard.

Smoothies get top marks for health as long as they’re based on fresh vegetables. No colourants, unnatural flavourings or artificial additives.

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