How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat Safely

Stevia is the only sweetener that passes our healthy additive test. It’s natural and we recommend the less-processed leaf rather than the liquid or powder versions.

Tahini is made from sesame seeds and gets a welcome ‘Yes’ on our list of acceptable, healthy foods. Plus it tastes really, really great!

Vanilla extract is such a favourite flavour enhancer in so many baking recipes but it usually contains sugar or alcohol. The extract is a no-no but you can use vanilla bean powder to get the super flavour without the sugar or alcohol additives.

We’ve covered some very important ground so far in identifying the best ways to get you to the healthier, leaner, new you. Epigenetics prove in the clearest possible terms that we can influence and control our bodies at every level by taking control of what we eat and how we behave.

We’ve introduced you to the key points in your action plan for weight loss control and opened up a whole new world of health and well-being possibilities. But we have another important insight to share with you. And now is the perfect moment to reveal it!

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