How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat Without Dieting

Build Support Systems

There are considerable advantages to be gained from having a support group to help you to keep right on track with your brilliant new objectives. Start by making a declaration of your intentions. Tell your family. Tell your friends. Tell your colleagues. Make a declaration of absolute intent and ask your newly formed support group to do everything they can to keep you on track. Tell them to be tough because it’s such a worthy cause.

Tell them they must not accept any lapses or excuses but that they must hold you to your word. Getting nervous? Good! This is how we show the world we’re serious. Tell your supporters they have to be smart and keep you far away from temptation. Creating a group expectation can be exceptionally powerful when it comes to staying on track and in line with your mission and its objectives.

Now your goal has been stated before a group of people who share your pledge and your commitment. You now have people to approach when you feel that your resolve is weakening. You now have an emotional safety net, a group whose purpose is to keep you in line with your goal. Let’s remember that people – just like you – have achieved the most amazing accomplishments in all the fields of human endeavour. They always started with a goal and a powerful intent to make it happen. You now have your chosen goal and a group of fans who are right behind you. Make it happen.


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Building Support Systems

One of the questions we should consider at this point is how you feel about your body. Take your time and just reflect for a moment on how you really feel about your body. I prefer you to answer this question whilst you’re standing in front of a mirror and then you can respond to exactly what you see before you. It’s a very personal question and you do not have to share the answer with anyone except yourself. Take a good look and take your time with the answer.

To be fair, it’s unusual to receive a positive response to this question, mainly because we’re surrounded by pictures of photo-shopped bodies in magazines and adverts that look as if they’ve been designed and created by the Disney Corporation! We’re bombarded by images of impossibly perfect bodies and it’s just too easy to compare ourselves with these demotivating and unattainable examples of super human perfection.

It’s very helpful to attach a picture of your face to a picture of an idealised body because this exercise works as a positive reinforcement of your vision and goals. When we compare ourselves unfavourably to idealised images, the comparison can be damaging to our confidence, self esteem and motivation. Do you see the difference?

As you consider your reflection in the mirror, learn to accept the miracle that is your body. Say a warm thank you to your body for enduring the abuse and neglect and make a solemn promise to make things better, to treat your amazing body with all the respect it deserves.

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