Get Rid Belly Fat Without Exercise

Recognise finally that by eating the wrong food, you will only feel worse afterwards

Although many years may have passed since you were an infant, you may still have a residual emotional habit of needing food for comfort so that even now, eating actually changes the state of your emotions. At least temporarily. When you feel anxious and emotionally stressed, eating temporarily defuses the anxiety, almost as if it’s capable of turning down the intensity. It’s very helpful to recognize that overeating actually works. It comforts you in times of distress, and that’s the dilemma. But as you know, this soothing feeling doesn’t last for long, because once the food is finished, the old self-hatred kicks in.

Pause to consider how you will feel afer eating the wrong food. Fast forward to the point when you’re feeling less than happy with yourself! Now choose a healthy alternative and visualise the glow of achievement that accompanies a great choice. Pause and look for better alternatives. The key is in that moment of reflection that creates real choice in your life.

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