Stress, poor sleep, no exercise and an indulgent diet can all make you constipated, but there’s no need! Only one meal needs to be a blowout keep the rest healthy. Have a good breakfast with some grains, fibre and fruit, stay hydrated with plenty of water and snack on Christmas favourites like clementines, nuts and dates nothing gets your bowels moving like dates! That way, you canstill have a big, indulgent Christmas dinner because you’ve eaten such a fibre-packed, healthy breakfast. If you do come a cropper, a brisk walk gets things moving.


Ah’m no’ here for ye bloody amusement. I thought about that for a while and concluded: ‘How true.’ He was close to his family, although his father had had a stroke or suffered an accident of some sort – I’m not sure which: I just knew he couldn’t work. It made Jimmy sad talking about it. He had a younger sister and I used to goad him by saying I was going to come up to Glasgow and shag her. His sister sounded bright and attractive and I used to quiz him about her for hours: I asked him how he would feel about having me for a brother-in-law, which would always be guaranteed to bring the conversation to an end. Jimmy had some wild friends in Glasgow; some of whom I had met during the term-break in P1 23, when we went up to Scotland for a few days. I remember them all as being fearsome drinkers and hilarious companions. Jimmy would regale me with tales of Glasgow nights. We arrived at Balboa, at the Pacific end of the Panama Destination, and trundled through, assisted by the Panama mules.

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