Getting My Baby To Sleep Through The Night

Getting My Baby To Sleep Through The Night

Time went to sleep

Times and length of waking at night Total time awake What did you do?

Use your sleep diary to identify the problem areas: needing you to be there when he falls asleep in the evening or at night; elongated bedtimes; night waking; night feeds; late bedtimes and early mornings. This chapter deals with night waking and settling in the evening; the following chapter deals with moving the time at which your child sleeps. If you’re still feeding at night, have a look at Chapter 5 as well.

When you’re ready to start your new routine pick a time to do it. Some parents find that it’s better to do it in the day first, when they have more energy. Others find that it works better to concentrate on the evening and night first and let the day fall into place. The weekend is often a good time to start so that you can catch up on the sleep you lose more easily. Keep a sleep diary while you are using the new routine. It will show you where you are making progress and where you may need to make more changes. If you are following one of the programmes with the support of a health professional or friend, your sleep diary will probably help them to see what is going on as well.

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Devise and stick to a simple and relaxed pre-bedtime routine (see Chapter 3 for ideas about routines). Once you’ve tucked your child into bed and kissed him goodnight, you have four options.

Option 1: Cold Turkey

If you want to achieve some results quickly, leave your child to sleep and do not go back at all. You may have to bear a lot of crying, but it is likely that after the first few days your child will go to sleep easily on his own. However, this approach often fails because it is too traumatic for parents and babies alike. Leaving your child to sleep like this can be quite shocking for both of you, especially

Leaving Thomas to cry from six weeks did work over a couple of months and not feeding him until 4am or later gradually encouraged him not to bother waking.’

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