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Book a quiet appointment time, like first thing on a Monday morning. When the salon is quiet, your hairdresser will have more time to focus on you, and give you exactly what you want.

Admit it. You might as well, because you know it is true. Actually, as we were parented is the only real template for parenting.

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For better or worse. And, of course, it is the only template our parents had. God only knows how many past generations influenced our own parenting techniques.

And just like our parents and their parents before them, there are certain truisms that come with the entire parenting process. Parents will invariably disagree with the kind of music their kids listen to, the way they spend their time, their study habits, often the friends they keep, the kind of clothes they wear, hair styles and anything else that reeks of something different than what they experienced in their teenage years. Today is young people disagree with their parents just as those parents disagreed with theirs.

Take tattoos, for instance.

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