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The elements are very important in Ayurveda. They descend from space (ether), down to air. Air descends into the fire element. Fire falls into the water element and water to earth, so that we move from the most rarefied elements (ether), to the most dense (earth). With this in mind, you will notice that the chart below follows a descending pattern of ether and air (vata), fire and water (pitta) and water and earth (kapha). Vata is a mixture of ether and air and is often translated as “wind”. In the creation story of Ayurveda, vata leads the other doshas, because its combination of air and ether is actually the most rarefied. The elements move from the most refined down to the most dense. Consequently, if a vata is out of balance, the end result will be that the others will be out of balance as well.

Your age and the season of the year will also have an influence upon your doshic type. Girl haircut tumblr From childhood up to the teenage years you are influenced by kapha; from your teens to the age of 50 or 60 you tend to come under the pitta influence, and from 50 to 60 onwards you enter the vata phase of life.

Each dosha has a particular energetic principle which influences responses within the body. Everyone has all three doshas to an extent, but it is the ratio between each that is important, and that creates your individuality. Each dosha plays an important role in this equation and balancing act. For example, movement (vata) without the stability of kapha would simply end up in chaos, and the inactivity of kapha without activity and movement would quickly result in stagnation.

A kapha type (water and earth) will be intuitive, sensitive and will dislike change but will be good at holding things together.

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