Girl Mad Hatter Costume Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Yo hey guys did I come to you with my first Halloween costume for this year and it’s the Mad Hatter costume last year I managed to do three Halloween looks. So this year I want to aim for three again and what I use to achieve this eye makeup flick is my 120 eyeshadow palette in last year’s posts I always use the first edition.

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But this one is actually the fourth edition which is the newest one and it contains a bunch of colors that are all static or not captain they’re all shimmery. And I decided to go for a shimmery eyeshadow look. Because my costume has all have satin in it as you can see it’s really shiny. So I wanted it to match and everything else I use I will list in the info box down below oh. And I also did a collaboration with my sister for this luxapost her link down below. So you guys can check it out. I’m not quite sure what.

I’m going to be for Halloween. Because I do have three costumes. But let me know what you guys are gonna be. Because I think you’ll be really exciting to see everyone’s idea. So I’ll talk to you in another post. And I hope you enjoy this lick first off prime your eyes with an eyeshadow primer here. I’m using Urban Decay’s primer potion this will make your eyeshadow last all day use your fingers and blend the product on your lids use a white base for your eyeshadow this is a NYX jumbo pencil in milk.

And I like it. Because it’s sticky. So the shadow adheres onto your lids better use a large shader brush and from the 120 eyeshadow palette apply this yellow shade to the inner corner of your eyes and drink it out on your lids halfway use the same eyeshadow and apply it around your inner tear-duct with another shader brush pick up this blue color and apply it to the remaining half of your lids whenever. I’m using dark eyeshadows I always place a napkin underneath my eyes to catch the fallout now as. I’m padding on the blue. I’m also blending it with the yellow. So that there aren’t any harsh lines for the highlight use a white shimmery color and apply it right below your brows and what I also like to do is just use the same brush and blend out the blue and the yellow just to stopping up the lick with a sigma pencil brush pick up a dark navy blue color and draw a line right where the end of your eye is and then flick it upwards to create a v-shape from here.

I’m just going to build up that dark navy color gradually until I get it to the right intensity and then. I’m going to slowly drag it over to the inner corner of my eyes grab a blending brush this is the Sigma blending brush and just send away the harsh lines pick up the blue color again with a short shader brush and apply this along your bottom lash line use the same brush and pick up the dark navy blue color and apply this to the outer corner now that the eye shadow is done line your eyes with your favorite liquid eyeliner this is the maybelline line stiletto, if you want create a flick at the end to elongate your eyes, if you want you can use a pencil to line your bottom lash line but. I’m just using my liquid eyeliner, because. I’m just good at it to heat to make the eye shadow pop even more. I’m going to grab my NYX jumbo pencil in milk. And I’m going to line my waterline which is that pink area above the black eyeliner don’t forget to torture your lashes and apply your favorite mascara to sugarcoat it for this look.

I’m using these dramatic lashes and my lash grip adhesive glue I apply some glue to the lash fan. And I’m going to place it on my eyes here’s the completed eye makeup now I forgot to wear green contacts in this post. So I’m wearing them right now. But generally you do want to wear your contacts before you put on your eye makeup. And I really like this. Because it matches my eyeshadow and my costume I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial.

And I’ll tell to you in another post bye.

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