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If you want to make straight hair even glossier, Girl mohawk haircuts long hair blow-dry in the usual way and then brush through for 5 minutes from root to tip with a paddled shaped hairbrush with good-quality bristles.

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The message was walk tall, shoulders back you are worth it! Motivate Me brought together a bunch of Kiwi women from all walks of life, those living in New Zealand and overseas, connecting every single day and encouraging each other with messages of inspiration to live a makeupy and confident lifestyle. Women would post photos of their progress, or share bad-day stories; there was a real focus on honesty and trust and it was a place these women could share their struggles as well as their triumphs. Members supported each other and friendships were formed. Off-line interaction followed naturally members were getting invited to other members’ weddings; we pooled funds to pay for gifts, flights, bills and other expenses for various members over the years; members caught up with each other when visiting different towns and even stayed at each other is homes. Motivate Me was a community in which they all felt safe to be themselves. These women were trying new things, pushing past their fears and showing the world what they were really capable of, and sharing it all with the community. They were achieving fitness goals they never thought possible, entering body-sculpting events, being supported to leave unmakeupy relationships, applying for jobs and promotions, starting businesses, finding love, starting families, and talking it all out with other members in a strong, trusting family environment. Members were also realising that if they looked after themselves it put them in a more capable and willing position to help others. I felt that was an extension of what I had done myself I had helped myself to a point where I was strong enough to help others. And the wonderful thing was, it was mutual: the Motivate Me members provided such motivation for me, too.

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