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Deborah Lippmann Deborah Lippmann has a new limited edition set for Holiday 2016! Family Jewels Trio Nail Lacquer Set ($24): Behold a magnificent heirloom unlike any other”the Deborah Lippmann Family Jewels 3-piece set. Fit for a queen, your nails will feel like gemstones when you adorn yourself with Single Ladies, a full-coverage rich sanguine red, Chalice In The Palace, a full-coverage lustrous rose gold, and Crowning Moment, an opulent, multi-faceted gold shimmer. Nail Q & A How can I make my natural nails shine without adding clear polish? Use a nail buffer and buff the nails in one direction, from the cuticles out to the ends of the nails. Use light to moderate pressure. How can I make my polish last longer? Apply nail polish to nails that are clean and dry. Make sure there is no residue from lotions or creams. Residue can affect how the polish bonds to either your base coat or your natural nail. After applying the nail polish, apply a topcoat. Girl short curly haircuts If I’m maintaining my natural nails, when should I file them? You should file your nails when at least one fourth of the nail has grown beyond the pink portion. If you file nails any sooner, you run the risk of weakening them. What direction should I file my nails? You should file your nails from the corner to the center of the nail in one direction. If you file your nails two ways, like you are sawing a piece of wood, you could increase the risk of breaking them. Photos: Anastasia Kazakova,

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