Gizelle Bryant Spills Secrets From The ‘RHOP’ Reunion

Hey guys Casey Madden here with the Real Housewives of Potomac started elf Ryan how are you I’m great nice to see you look amazing thank you thank you thank you. So you guys recently posted a reunion yes which we can’t wait to see how was it oh gosh it was intense. Yeah it was a lot there was a lot that all the ladies knew me till I get off their chest okay I was hoping some friendships would be mended. But that didn’t happen really in true housewife style that happened. But I was kind of hoping for Ashley, and Karen to kind of like bury the hatchet a little bit. But they there’s still some huge friction there Karen do you really want to go there Karen uh we have a couple of walkouts oh no way. Yeah yeah yes oh no you don’t do that you stay I stay. But I did see Andy Cohen okay yesterday, and he said he’s seen it in its full version, and he loves it oh great. Yeah okay there you go. So you’re gonna keep yeah. So who did you hash it out with the most Oh Karen, and I really need to hash it out. I mean I a lot of times things happen, and to me, and I kind of let it go like I know you were being mean that day, and Ike, and I’m all about letting it go as long as you apologize you own it, and move forward Karen holds on to a lot of stuff. So she was holding on to the whole t-shirt thing the press conference you were malicious you were hurtful, and you were absolutely wrong, and it was gutter ball trash like I thought we were done. Yeah you know she has a hard time just moving forward in a positive direction okay also yeah. So we we had a we had a lot to hash out do you think you two will ever reconcile. Yeah we’re fine. Yeah you’re fine I think okay yeah, and what about Monique where do you stand right now with her I don’t like mommy I really don’t I don’t I know I’ve been trying whoever. But she makes it difficult. Yeah you try to take a shot, and you miss. If I take a shot I’m like a ninja waiting in the cup just the right moment to blow your face off she really does I could understand that yes I mean anytime you’re gonna bring around my ex my boyfriend she didn’t know at the time that you know me, and Sherman had had parted ways right anytime you’re gonna bring around his ex-wife you’re not really a good girlfriend no. Yeah that’s like the one thing that you absolutely don’t do. Yeah that’s like girlfriend 101. Yeah I’m 205. So who do you think after the reunion who do you think has the shakiest relationship right now Karen, and Ashley okay. Yeah there’s still stuff that. Because Karen – Lee there’s me, and monie there’s Robin, and Monique. Yeah there’s Oh me Candace are what are we what are we we’re friends your friend can you imagine that’s awesome I mean we had kind of like a moment at the reunion in which I I didn’t I understood Candace at the Reunion. Okay I realized at the Reunion she really wants to be my friend she just didn’t know how to go about it okay, and I can understand yourself can be a little intimidating these are some people. So she was having a hard time navigating that okay. But at the Reunion I saw it, and I was like oh this is sweet Wow. Yeah she’s being honest. Yeah you know how to like read the situation right. But now you guys aren’t on good terms we’re on great time that’s good yes wow I can’t wait to see that happen right hi this is just our Brian, and don’t forget to tune in to the reunion August 12th at 8 p.m. Bravo.

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