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Hey guys I’m going to be creating a super pretty and elegant side updo that is perfect for the holidays. So this is the look right here and if you like it and want to learn how to recreate it keep reading and, I will take you through all the steps okay guys. So the first thing you’re going to want to do is separate your hair and I’m doing a deep parting.

So I’m going from right to left. I’ve already separated the hair and, I have curled it for the sake of time, I use the 4 in one cortex curling iron and this is the 1 inch curler it gives you the perfect size curls for this look, I actually haven’t even touched them since, I curled them. So I’m going to show you what to do with with the hair in a minute and we’re also going to need some bobby pins to secure the look a teasing comb this is done in D 3 and then as an optional stuff at the end you can accessorize the look with a headband and this is like a jewel tone bedazzled headband I’m not hundred percent sure, I got it I’m, I think it’s from H&M.

So this is an optional step. So that’s pretty much all we need. So let’s get into the tutorial.

So like, I mentioned, I finished curling the hair for the sake of time before posting and now, I haven’t touched them since curling and what you want to do is not separate them with your fingers but I’m actually going to stand up and flip my hair upside down and sort of shake the hair at the roots you don’t want to touch the ends you don’t want to like completely separate the hair but you want to create a bit of volume. So I’m just gonna go back and you want to stand up and just start shaking it out right at the roots and. So once you flip the hair back you are sort of left with these voluminous gorgeous curls and, I absolutely love them if you guys want to know how, I did this, I can do a separate tutorial and show you guys how to do these holiday curls, I really really love them they’re just perfect sized curls.

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So anyways if you do want that story let me know in the comments below and as for this tutorial what you want to do is separate the section of hair right on your crown and we’re going to give it a bit of extra volume and body and we’re going to tease the hair and not to mention at the beginning of the tutorial that we are going to need some hairspray. So I’m just going to use a little bit at the roots just like that and then start to tease the hair. So once they here is teased up and you have a ton of volume up here what you want to do is gather that section that you just teased and, I am going to turn around for this step you want to grab a bunch of bobby pins and I’m going to show you all you want to do is secure it.

So what I’m going to do actually before we secure is leave the front sections of hair on either side of your head sort of out. So it’s right here and then all you want to do is attach and just secure the little bump that we created. So once you’ve gathered the hair in the back and your little bump is all smoothed out you want to grab your bobby pins and just start to attach this um just secure that to your head.

So now that the bump in the back is secured we’re going to start with our right side and grab sections of hair and sort of bring them over over to your the opposite side. So for me it’s going to be from right to left and we’re going to secure the hair over on this side right here smaller sections about one or two inches at a time I’m going to start from the top section right here and just bringing that over. So right here, I sort of covered up that little area where we secure the box and I’m gonna grab my cotter pin and just secure the hair right there.

So at this point I’m just going to continue doing the same thing with the remaining here over on the side. So I’m going to grab the section right underneath and right above the ear and we’re gonna do exactly the same thing you just want to smooth it out over here. So we’re going to bring it over again and right underneath where you secure the first one you want to bring it over to the side grab a bobby pin and secure in place and I’m just going to continue doing the same thing.

So now that we have all of the hair from our right side secured over on the left side we’re going to repeat the process and practically do the same thing for this section. So I’m going to start with the top section and you want to just smooth it out and find like a perfect placement for it holding it in place secure with a bobby pin. So now we’re going to continue doing the same exact thing for the remaining sections.

So at this point actually, I wanted to mention that you can stop right here and you would have sort of half have downside look and this is really pretty as well and here, I can show you what it looks like. So what I’m going to do right now is actually tease the ends of the hair and then we’re going to secure them around the side here. So what I’m doing is just grabbing the ends like holding the ends and then just pushing the hair up and that’s going to create a ton of volume in the hair.

So just continue doing the same thing. So now that we have this remaining hair sort of teased up I’m going to start grabbing smaller sections of hair just kind of bunching them up together and securing with bobby pins every time you do this look it’s going to look a little different because it’s sort of like an organic type of looking that it’s not going to look identical we’re gonna start with just let’s say this section I’m going to sort of grab it and kind of twist it a bit and then just create a shape and whatever shape you like it doesn’t have to be anything specific. So just create a little twist right here and once you’re happy with the position then I’m going to grab bobby pins and start to secure it in place now that we have the first section in place I’m just going to continue doing the same exact process for the rest of the hair just punch it out twist it around secure until you’re happy with the shape that you’re creating.

So once you’re finished sort of attaching and arranging the hair on the side right here the look is pretty much complete the last step to do is put on your headband if you’re using one I’m going to open it up and just sort of slide it in place like that we are all done, I really hope you guys enjoy this holiday side updo and definitely give it a try if you’re going to be recreating this look, I would love to see you guys how it looks on you. So definitely share with us on instagram with hashtag Loxy hairs for us to see it in for your chance to be also featured on our luxy hair account. So thank you guys.

So much for reading see you guys in the next post bye.

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