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Hi everyone how are you all doing it’s Mimi here today. So today’s tutorial is gonna be something really glamorous something really sexy and perfect for holiday season, I was recently looking for ideas on the internet on actually on different ways, I can wear my hair at this holiday season and, I came upon this beautiful post of her username as, I love Gerardo, I think, I hope, I pronounce all right and she has a lot of different beautiful hair tutorials and one of them was how to create this beautiful four-finger ways and usually it’s a really hard process and it’s really hard to create that but her version was super simple she used the deep Weaver and that’s what I’m gonna be using today just the simple deep Weaver by hot tools you know yeah soon as, I watch her tutorial, I was. So inspired, I ordered this, I think, I found some Beauty choice it’s yeah like, I said it’s Hot Tools and, I bought this product with my own money, I haven’t used it yet.

So today’s the first time and you guys are gonna see it firsthand. So yeah, I really want to try out this look and hopefully if, I love it I’ll share with you and I’ll definitely wear my hair like this this holiday season. So let’s begin.

So for this look you’re gonna need a deep Weaver heat protectant definitely need one, I already sprayed my hair with a heat protectant because, I like to leave it on for a few minutes before, I style my hair but don’t forget to spray your hair with a heat protectant um you’re gonna need a hair clip and just a hair brush and what, I forgot to mention is that of course we need a hair spray and like always I’m gonna be using my L’Oreal L net extra strong hairspray. So let’s begin first we’re gonna just split the hair into slightly brush my hair but I’m gonna brush it one more time just to make sure they’re they are no tengo or anything happening. So just brush through the hair and as you can see, I am wearing my e hair extensions today and right now, I wear chocolate brown number four in 160 grams set.

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So just brush through the hair carefully alright. So now we’re gonna split the hair and we’re gonna stop with the start with the bottom layers and clip the rest up away from the face. So it’s not interfering with anything.

So let’s try this deep river the funny thing is, I used to have something like this, I remember when, I was about ten years old, I was thanking my mom to give me a deep Weaver and, I first shows like no you’re too young to use Hot Tools on your hair and then, I guess she felt bad for me. So, I got it as a surprise for Mike for Christmas and it was just ecstatic, I loved it, I store my hair like this all the time. So let’s begin.

So we’ll just brush my lip section. So you can actually use big sections of hair and what you do is just grab the hair and then place the deep we were in the hair and clip it and then just hold it for like seven eight seconds and then move your way down. So since it’s the first one I’m gonna wait a little longer and then you just move your way down I’m.

So faded. So as you can see it took me like not even a minute to do this whole section and, I just love it, I love this kind of waves they were. So pretty, I haven’t worn my hair like this in years.

So I’m just. So excited, I love it beautiful. So let’s completely doing the exact same thing in the rest of the hair.

So we’ll take another big chunk of hair and do the exact same thing. So the front section is a little trickier than the rest of the hair because you have to do it on an angle you can’t just do straight because the won’t look right. So the way, I remember it is kind of like picture a pyramid.

So this is the angle you would have to do it. So it’s slightly going downwards. So if you’re holding the deep Weaver you would hold it this way when it’s on your left and then you would hold it this way when it’s on your right okay.

So just picture a pyramid and then kind of remain in that angle not to that extent but just a little lower as opposed to having it straight and I’ll show you exactly what, I mean. So we’ll just start at the top and have it a little on an angle and then when you go down you want to make sure you’re doing the same exact thing for the rest of the hair. So this is what, I got, I just love it.

So beautiful all right. So now let’s do the other section and it’s going to be the exact same process you’re starting at the bottom and working your way up. So now that we’re going to be doing the front section on the right side, I just want to remind you that you want to make sure you keep the deep Weaver on an angle like, I explained before it’s kind of like a pyramid.

So right now I’m gonna hold it on this kind of angle as opposed to straight. So we’ll just grab the hair and just start it on deep weaving the hair but making sure you keep it on an angle. So we are pretty much done what I’m gonna do to finish this look is just spray all the hair with a Elnett L’Oreal hair spray to spray it all and that is it it did take me quite a bit of time but this is probably not a look that you can wear everyday it’s something you know for a special occasion.

So it does make sense to take a bit of it extra time to do your hair, I absolutely love it, I feel like a mermaid, I have. So much hair and it’s. So beautiful, I love thank you, I love you Gerardo for inspiring this hair tutorial I’m gonna put a link down below with her hair tutorial on this look she’s amazing she has beautiful hair.

So you guys should definitely check out her blog thank you. So much for reading try this look for a holiday party and you’re definitely gonna love it and you’re gonna tons and tons of compliments thank you. So much for reading it, I love you guys and I’ll see you all soon bye you.

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