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Hi everyone. Welcome back to my blog. Today I have a really exciting post for you because it is officially music festival season and this time last year I came out with a beauty box with Revolve and I’m so stoked that I’ve partnered with them again to give you a new updated beauty box with my festival essentials. This is my banging box and inside there are full size products of some of my holy grail items. There’s skin care, beauty, hair, body. Just basically anything that’s gonna make you look tip top from head to toe. Without further ado let’s crack this baby open. So the first item I wanna share with you are these pimple patched by CosRX. This is a Korean brand and so they’re known for their skin care and I’ve raved about these in a favorites before so basically you open it. You’re gonna see a clear sheet with all these pimple stickers on it. Find the sticker that matches the size of your pimple and just pop it on your clean face. I’ll sleep with it on and then when I wake up I’ll take the sticker off and I’ll notice that it’s absorbed all the weird residue that’s in my pimple. It’s because there is hydrocolloids on it. That is like the activating component on this patch that’s gonna you know treat your acne. There are 24 patches in here so you definitely get your money’s worth in this packet.

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So I have another product by CosRX. This is their ultimate moisturizing honey overnight mask. And this has been one of my favorite night creams to use recently. It’s because it’s very hydrating but it still feels lightweight. It kind of feels like a gel honestly. So I’ll use this at night after I put on my toner, essence and serums and then this will be like my final step to my skin care routine. I’ll put like a pea size amount and I’ll just distribute it all across my face and then when I wake up I’m always very surprised to see that there’s nothing on my face. It’s because like my face drinks it all up and yeah it’s been one of my favorite night creams and now it’s my box. At music festivals you’re prone to a ton of sun exposure so I wanted to put in a great sunscreen into my box. This one is by Supergoop and this is a brand that specializes in anything SPF or sun protection and this is their unseen sunscreen. And this is truly unlike any sunscreen that I’ve ever used. It literally feels like a primer so it’s got like this translucent weightless formula and it just blends into the face beautifully. Makeup sits well on top of it and it I mean, there’s kind of like a sunscreen smell to it but it’s not overbearing. This sunscreen truly acts as a great base to protect your face. So my next product is this Tony Moly hand cream and if you have been following my blog since like 2018 then this thing and I go way back. I’m just so happy that Tony Moly did not discontinue this because this is truly my favorite hand cream.

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So first off the packaging is adorable. It’s in the shape of this little peach. Kind of looks like a nipple but when you open it inside there is a pot of delicious smelling peach lotion. Oh my gosh it’s like so tempting not to just lick it out of the tub but this is a great hand cream. It is very moisturizing and honestly I can’t get enough of this scent. Oh lord, it smells amazing. I wish you could smell it through the screen honestly. So now let’s move on to the beauty products in my box. I absolutely love Colour Pop and so I wanted to make sure I put three bomb shades that you can rock at music festivals. First we have the color frog. This is an icy silvery purple with rainbow glitter. Then we have wittle which is a vibrant violet red with blue and purple glitter flecks. And lastly we have issa which is this metallic eggplant with blue chunky glitter. And all three of these colors work beautifully together. I like to put frog in the inner corners, I like to put wittle kind of on the outside to blend it out and then I’ll use issa to intensify. I think purples and blues are such a fun pop of color to rock on the eyes especially during this season.

To perfect the eyes I put in this mascara and eyeliner duo by EyeKo and these are both sweat resistant so they’re waterproof. I thought that was super important because you’re just gonna be dancing all day and night. This eye liner is jet black and goes one super creamy and then I’ll use the other side which is like the brush side and I’ll use to kind of like flick it out into a cat eye. Then I have this mascara and it comes in a tube which is great because you can really grab all the product inside. This has got a really dry formula since it’s waterproof. And so it’s perfect for anyone with shorter lashes and I just feel like this duo is perfect for anyone who wants mesmerizing eyes. I know waterproof formulas can be kind of a nightmare to remove so I’ve included these eye makeup remover wipes by Eyeko. These are great to travel with and super convenient to use. The eyes are such like a delicate area so you don’t wanna use products that are really gonna tug and kind of like mush around the area because it’s so prone to wrinkles so that’s why I wanted to include a product that just removes makeup with ease. Now to finish off the face I have this lip color by Ilia. Of course it is my signature salmony pink shade. I just live for colors like these and I think that they go really great with anything like smoky on top because it adds like a slight flush of color but it’s not gonna be overbearing. This is definitely more of like a lightweight formula so you’re gonna need a liner or you can just like foundation as a base and then put the lipstick over it. So now I’m gonna move on to some hair products. If you know me you know that I love and I cannot live without dry shampoo. So I put in this one by R + CO.

I would’ve loved to use their aerosol version but aerosols would’ve just like made the shipping a lot more difficult so the powder form is awesome too. Do not be alarmed by the formula. It’s just as simple. You just section off your hair, you put a line of powder in between all the sections and then you just massage the formula into your scalp. The powder’s just gonna absorb all your oil and it’s gonna leave your hair feeling voluminous and smelling good and fresh for any days of the festival. So now I have the Ouai’s wave spray. If you love effortless beachy waves this is definitely the product for you. This honestly works best when your hair is like half wet half dry but in the demonstration clip I just use it on dry hair. I just really saturate the mist all into my hair until it’s damp. Kind of scrunch it up and then I’ll braid my hair into two sections. I just use the normal like easy three strand braid and then when you release it you’re just gonna have these really beachy curls. If you want more of like a structured curl you’re definitely gonna still go in with like a curling wand and just fix like the pieces that frame your face or any stragglers that didn’t make the cut. So now let’s finish this off with some body products. This is a body oil by French Girl. And this is really gonna keep your body nice and moisturized during that desert heat. I’ve noticed that when you have body oil on suddenly you just look a lot more toned.

I think it’s just like the way your skin glistens with the oil. But think about it, when you read like a bodybuilding competition like everyone’s always greased up so this is like the same type of concept but definitely dialed back. A lot of music festivals are really spread out and so I wanted to make sure that I had all your travel essentials covered. This is the brand that the Ace Hotel uses. And that’s when I first got exposed to it. So inside there is a face cleanser, face moisturizer, a body wash, a body moisturizer, and shampoo and conditioner. So yes you’re gonna have everything needed from head to toe literally. For my final product I have this deodorant by Malin + Goetz. This is their cult favorite. It smells exactly like eucalyptus. Ugh, it smells so good. And I love that there are no parabens in here. There’s no aluminum. And I know aluminum is like a key ingredient in a lot of deodorant and it’s just not the best for you so this doesn’t have any of that so you just slap it underneath your arms. I mean I can just put a little on right now to demonstrate. But it smells great.

This is gonna keep your underarms fresh throughout the entire festival. Alright guys those were all the products inside my box. I know it was like a large amount but it was really hard to whittle everything down because I truly loved every single thing inside this box and I wanted to be like all encompassing. Even if you’re not going to any music festivals this season I feel like these essentials still can apply and if you are heading out to Coachella please do not be afraid to say to me if you see me. I would love to come and meet you. I will leave a link in the description in case you are interested in purchasing and I will see you guys next time. Bye. (blows kiss) (funky music).

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