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Stress upsets both your mental and physical well-being, and every one of us has felt its grasp at one time or another Stress is well known to all shiatsu practitioners and is recognized as one of the major factors affecting health in our modern society. It is a normal part of life; in fact, a certain level of stress is actually considered quite good for us. Some people seem to be able to thrive on it, yet for others the same degree of pressure can quite simply be too much.

The increasing, cumulative impact of events sometimes means that, eventually, we can not cope. Good haircuts for girls The pressure becomes overpowering and we begin to react to the stress in different ways.These reactions will affect our health and well-being and may interfere with our jobs and social lives in a significant, negative way.The body reacts to a stressor with first a diminished, then an increased, level of resistance. This is usually

A well-balanced diet, with plenty of daily fruit and vegetables, is essential for excellent health called the fight or flight” reaction, which means that the body is instinctively ready to stand and confront or escape. But stress, with all its different symptoms, is a sure sign that we have lost the wonderful sense of balance in our lives. Human beings have a marvellous natural system for maintaining balance, and the body is always striving to achieve this state of inner harmony. It is this balancing adaptive energy that is tested by stress, and which is constantly under challenge.

Coping wrth stress can be made easier by asking for help and support from family and friends. Talking to someone helps you to see a problem more clearly. It puts it into a sharper wider perspective. Far better than just talking, however having someone give you a long and gentle shiatsu treatment will relax your body and mind, and bring back a marvellous sense of general well-being. It is the ultimate experience when it comes to winding down.

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