Gossip Girl Inspired Easy Prom Hair Up-Do

Hi guys today I’m going to show you how to make this beautiful updo it’s super easy it’s super quick quick and it’s perfect for any sort of formal occasion I’m saying prom because it’s prom season and, I know a lot of you girls are probably searching for something you can do yourself if you’re sort of pressed on time or budget. So this is a very very fast easy look that’s perfect for prom if you ask me or wedding or any sort of celebration and you’ll see how fast it is it’s literally gonna take us about seven minutes not more.

So to begin I’m going to add a brush to just quickly comb through the hair a hair tie bobby pins you’re getting about 15 20 depending on how many you’re going to be using a hairspray this is the best one, I love its Loreal Elnett satin and it works really good and to finish off the look we’re going to need some sort of hairpiece accessory I’m using this hair band from forever 21 let’s begin we’re gonna start by simply combing through the hair like, I said and putting it in a very basic ponytail and using a hair tie just kind of with your fingers take all the hair back and put it in this high pony – this is just a basic ponytail and to get the if you have any kind of overgrown bangs or you want and kind of a sweeping bang you can do it with longer longer kind of hair at the front mine are medium, I guess and we’re going to do is using either your fingers or your basic brush just kind of take out some hair there you go now at this stage what you want to do I’ll show you from the back you want to basically pick up the ponytail like you know the end and kind of loop it forward. So basically like onto itself just lift it forward like that okay, I hope you can see and you want to just secure it in place with bobby pins from both sides. So at this stage what you want to do I’ll show you from the back is you want to just pick up this kind of the end of the ponytail and just fan it out like just just pick it up and find it up and, I like to have volume in the back.

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So what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna pull holding the elastic band I’m just gonna pull some hair out a little bit just. So that, I have some volume just like that and then just find it out again and just pull again just. So that it’s balanced and at this point you kind of want to just play with this bun and make it messy and scrunch it up and just kind of run it out and play with it because what we want is a messy look that has these like random pieces falling out that’s a good thing if they are falling out don’t be scared you want that guess what we’re gonna do is just pick them up and randomly pin it in place.

So just let’s play with it a bit more. So it’s a little Messier and easier to work with. So just like this you see this piece what I’m going to do is just pick it up and loop it forward just like you did with the ponytail and just using some bobby pins just pin it down in place just like that that’s about picking up the pieces and playfully pinning them down.

So it creates this messy look and we’re gonna just pick up this look it forward you can you can like intertwine them crisscross them whatever you want whatever works and I’m sorry this ring is so loud but, I absolutely dry this ring, I think it was from forever 21 and, I know it makes a lot of noise but, I love it. So so um again once you’ve done that you can kind of play with it again and see if there is anything that falls out like that for example and just pick it up a little bit you know Messi is good in this case just like that and then we’re gonna do the same thing continue doing that on this side just take it twist it a little bit whatever works there you go and I’ll show you what we’re gonna do with the banks they’re not you can leave it like that if you like personally, I don’t like when there’s hair in my face especially like when you go out like a wedding or prom or anything like that when you’re gonna be dancing it’s a little bit distracting.

So and plus in pictures, I mean it covers your whole face. So you can go further you can play with this more I’m pretty much happy with the way it looks maybe a few more hmm you get the idea right it’s basically just taking strands random strengths and pinning them down. So it creates this kind of mess you look and once you’re done I’m gonna show you what you’re doing the back as well okay.

So I’m happy with it, I mean it’s it’s exactly what, I like it’s playful but still kind of formal like, I wouldn’t wear this every day you know you’d have to be some sort of an evening occasion, I mean you can wear it if you want but it’s just people might look at you a little bit like, I wonder where she’s going. So once you did that in the back I’m gonna do the same thing, I did in the beginning and just kind of ran it up then take out a bit of hair just pull it down and we’re pretty much done like this is the finished almost finished look and we’re gonna do now is put on the hairband and, I don’t like to see the ends. So I’m gonna put it in.

So that it’s kind of hidden inside the hair. So just like push it in from both sides and this just adds you know a bit of glamour a bit of sparkle it’s very cute and girly you don’t have to obviously use the same exact one anything that you have or that you like just like that and now what we’re gonna do with the with these side bangs is pretty much just kind of swoop them to the side and pin it in place with a bobby pin okay just like that and you don’t want to you don’t want to be able to see it. So kind of hide it in the hair, I don’t know if you can see it right now because, I can’t see the side but basically just do it.

So that you can’t see like try to hide it inside the hair and then just do the same thing with these back hairs if there are any that are falling out just take a bobby pin and just go in. So you can’t see it like just kind of into there here like that and then these hairs are falling out you know in the back if there’s anything that you see that you’re not happy with, I mean just play with it and just do the same exact thing just pin it down in place like that there you go okay done um now to finish off I’m gonna just spray the whole head just to make sure that it stays in place and then we’ll really be done. So just take that and just kind of hair spray the side on this side and in the spring we’re done and that’s all it is you saw how fast it was how easy it was it’s really fun and playful and still elegant and, I hope you like it they’ll be plenty more to come my sister and, I are planning out to do.

So many different hairstyles and product reviews and anything that will help with maintaining beautiful healthy hair. So stay tuned thank you. So much for reading please feel free to comment and comment and, I will see you next time thank you bye.

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