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The elegant Grace bracelet is a complete showstopper that is bound to turn heads on your wedding day Pearl and silver combine to create a sight to behold. Make a statement by pairing with the matching necklace from the Grace collection. £180.

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She lifted her husband up. He became fabulous company: he was charming, he was witty, he was clever. We all wanted his company too. Tina was the very best of wives at sea. Others were invasive and insensitive to the problems they caused and the tensions they created. The wives of the middle-ranking officers were often the worst and would sometimes try and act with too much authority, often to be brought down with a thump by a crude joke at their expense, and left stranded in abject humiliation that was difficult to recover from. On the Vexilla, the second mate’s wife was exactly the wrong sort of wife to come to sea. No one was equal to her; they were either superior or inferior. The superior-inferior line was a direct correlation with her husband’s rank. It was very simple: her husband had two gold stripes, so three- and four-stripers were superior, whereas one-stripers and no-stripe cadets were inferior.

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