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A musical rail ride through Americana

American folk duo The Grahams have spent much of their lives exploring music together and GLORY BOUND represents a journey on the American railroads. The band wanted to explore the special relationship between American roots music and the iconic American Railroads, producing not only this album but also a documentary, ‘Rattle The Hocks,’ filmed on the move and in venues.

Overall there is a clear feeling of movement throughout the album from the strong title track Glory Bound, the barnstorming hoedown Kansas City and the rousing closing track Promised Land. These faster paced songs are balanced by softer more thoughtful offerings such as Lay Me Down which perfectly captures the feeling of having been on the road too long. Alyssa Graham provides powerful lead vocals beautifully supported by husband Doug’s harmonies and a range of instruments including guitars, fiddles and even a Hammond organ. If you are looking for an authentic American musical journey, this is worthy of a listen. Helen Thomas

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