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When you work with a weave, it is especially important to maintain the health of your scalp. Hollywood Beauty Peppermint Oil is specially formulated to moisturize the scalp and add lustrous shine to the hair. The brand’s Tea Tree Oil works to calm itchy scalp and is formulated with vitamin E, aloe vera and a fungus fighter.

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A Soft-Press Standout!

Our model decided to change it up. She usually wears her hair in a tight, curly, very beautiful natural texture; her normal routine consists of washing and conditioning in the shower and allowing the hair to air-dry. Then mousse or gel is used to maintain the curl pattern. Stylist Naeemah Johnson gave her this softly pressed look.

1. The hair is cleansed with Creme of Nature shampoo. Our editor recommends the Pure-Licious Co-Wash.

2. The hair is blow-dried using a comb attachment.

3. A protectant is applied before softly straightening the hair with a flat iron.

4. Once hair is completely straight, a medium-barrel iron is used to create a head full of curls.

5. The curls are beveled under, starting from the nape, and curled forward at the crown and front.

Once the curling is complete, the curls are separated using the fingers.

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