What is Your Greatest Fitness Achievement?

When I was 18, I played hockey professionally. During the European tournament in Madrid I was awarded player of the match and it was my best achievement to date. Both of my parents were there to watch, and it gave me such a buzz to be picked out of some amazing players. What is on your workout playlist? I need a beat to exercise to and something to help keep my mind occupied to power through the pain! On my playlist at the moment I have a bit of old school with a firm favourite being Whitney Houston. I’m also loving The Weekend, Usher, Justin Bieber and Rick Ross – I have to listen to Rick Ross when I’m training legs! What is on your daily menu? I constantly like to mix things up, so I don’t really have a daily menu, more daily ingredients.

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My general go-to food items are sweet potato, tuna, avocado, sourdough bread, porridge, chickpeas, peas and chicken. I’m also obsessed with spicy food, so chilli and ginger are staple ingredients to add to stir-fries for a bit of flavour. What are your rest day treats? Stef Fit Otherwise known to her 700k (and counting) Instagram followers as @stef_fit, influencer and personal trainer Stefanie Williams talks to us about workouts, staying motivated and her exciting new fitness plan I don’t actually have treat or cheat days – I believe that if you only have one treat or day off you’ll end up restricting yourself for the rest of the week and that’s no fun.

Also, reverse psychology comes into play here – if I tell myself not to have something I can almost guarantee I will crave it non-stop until I have it. What are your favourite workout moves? I love the leg press as you can do wide leg, narrow leg or one-footed feet to hit different muscles, and you get to sit down too! I’m also a fan of jumping lunges because they work up a sweat very quickly and seriously burn when you’re doing them, but you get results.

What is Your Greatest Fitness Achievement?

They’re great to add into a super-set too. What is your motivation? I am very fortunate to have a big community of woman supporting me daily through my social channels, and if I ever feel like giving up I’ll see an amazing message which will make me want to keep going. Also, I’ve already mentioned music, but I also rely on my Protein World pre-workout playlist to help get my endorphins going. How do you handle your busy schedule? I have to be organised.

I decided to stop my day job of being a personal trainer as I always try to commit 100 percent of my time to my clients, and I couldn’t do that and run my own brand. I’ve recently been working on an eight week fitness plan that is bum, legs and core-focused. In this I share my favourite exercises and meals, tips and tricks to stay motivated and my secret booty building tips too. An exercise glossary is included on how to perform each move as well as videos on my YouTube so you’ll be able to see me demonstrate them.

This is out in January and I hope it will really feel like you are working out with me! What fitness/health tips would you recommend to someone new to the world of exercise and fitness? There is no short-term fix but try to make small changes each day. At first, you need to make the decision to just get your body moving. Walk as much as you can and start off with at-home workouts to build up your confidence, then, if you can, join a gym. If you are ever stuck, remember the PTs are there to help you so don’t be afraid to ask. Also, don’t forget that everyone was new to the gym at some point, and everyone has to start somewhere – the key is just not giving up.

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