Green Goddess Mask Oily Acne Skin Homemade

This formula is good for oily, blemished and wide-pored skin.

1-2 tablespoons green clay 1 drop sage or lavender essential oil approximately 1-2 tablespoons fresh apple or peach juice (preferred) or water Mix the clay and juice to create a smooth paste. Add more juice if too thick, more clay if too loose. Add the essential oil. Apply the paste thickly to your face and leave it on for 10-20 minutes.

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This paste may be used to dry out pimples by applying directly onto blemished area. Makes 1 mask application.

The previous month I had shared a photo of me wearing an outfit that exposed my now not-so-toned midriff, along with a quote imploring women to embrace their inner goddess. The response on social media had been positive.

But with the little blue swimsuit, I channelled Taryn Brumfitt and shared a ‘before’ and ‘after’ comparison. One photo was of me at 32 years of age, 65kg, with 13 percent body fat, a size 8 to 10. I shared that at the time of the ‘before’ photo, I was married with two kids, worked full-time and trained at least seven times a week with lots of high-intensity workouts and weight training.

I spent hours at the gym, sometimes going twice a day, and I ate portion-controlled, ‘clean’ meals five times a day. In the ‘after’ photo, I was 37 years of age, 83kg, with 30 percent body fat, and a size 12 to 14. I was still married with two kids, but worked part-time for myself, did Reformer Pilates twice a week and two to three walks a week when I could fit them in.

My diet was also a lot more relaxed; I ate wholefoods most of the time, but also ate whatever I liked sometimes. I shared that I did still like the way I looked in the ‘before’ photo, and could remember how fit, fast and strong I had felt, too, but that at the time I was obsessed with food and fitness and every beauty spare minute I had was spent working out at the gym or food prepping.

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