Grocery Store Joe Is Confident He’s Going To Win ‘DWTS’! Find Out Why

How’s he doing as a student good he’s a great student I will have to give you that he listens to everything I say he knows how to listen he does know how to do that no he’s great he listens to everything I say, and he really wants to work hard which I love, it’s the best do you feel pressure. Because of what happened last season with your partner she won right yeah. But she’s gonna win again do you feel pressure no I already accomplished that, and now, it’s just no no. But it would be like just icing on the cake. So I want to push him I mean I don’t think I don’t know if anyone that’s like never danced before has ever won the show. So this guy’s never did at all like not even in the club or something not even in the club no you’re like the guy in the corner with your drink I don’t stand in the corner no. Yeah no I just never really you know it was just never at the answer what will be more challenging this or your time on The Bachelorette well my time on The Bachelorette was one day. So hopefully this right. So yeah.

Guilty! All The Details Surrounding Bill Cosby’s Sentencing

Bill cosby has been sentenced three to ten years in state prison for his 2004 sexual assault of andrea constand a pennsylvania judge made the ruling on Tuesday after district attorney Kevin Steele asked Judge Steven O’Neal for a prison term of five to ten years in addition to a 25 thousand dollar fine Cosby’s attorney had asked that his client who is 81 years old be spared any prison time due to his age, and fragile state now the sentencing came hours after judge O’Neil ruled that Cosby is quote a sexually violent predator which means he will now be included on the registry of sex offenders in addition to this particular case the legendary actor, and comedian has been the subject of many sexual assault allegations taking place since the mid-1960s numerous women have accused him of sexual assault sexual battery sexual misconduct drug facilitated assault, and rape for more on this ruling stay with you.

Grocery Store Joe Is Confident He’s Going To Win ‘DWTS’! Find Out Why Photo Gallery

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