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Moisturizing natural hair is very important! Moisturizing your hair will determine if you will have long flowing waist length hair in 5 years. I know what you are thinking… / can’t have hair down to my waist in 5 years…. Yes, you can have naturally Afro, kinky, curly, coily hair that is actually waist length in 5 years. That is actually ideal for natural hair that has not been processed with chemicals, flat-ironed or manipulated harshly with extreme hairstyles. If the natural hair is moisturized properly each day, you are actually watering your hair like a person should water is grass in the summer time.

Summertime is a vital time for extra-moisturizing because the heat saps the moisture and water directly from your scalp and hair strands. Winter time is not as vital, so skipping a day or two of moisturizing will not be as stressful on the scalp as it will be in the summer time. Below in table 1 are several ways you can moisturize your hair.

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