In the Philosophy section, we looked at the twenty-seven neotenous traits as identified by Montagu, plus one additional trait of understanding. Perhaps you’ve noted that there are subtle opportunities strewn throughout this blog to experience these traits. Here’s one more.

This ritual is designed to help you to connect with the idea of growing young. Each one of these traits (see here for a refresher) shapes a path to health, and paves the way to true beauty understanding what your needs are, identifying which of these attributes you need to nourish more, igniting more of them into your life, and really defining for yourself how to express these attributes in your life, in your way, at your pace, in your terms. How can you thread them together in such a way that you can create a beautiful tapestry of your uniqueness?


Meditate on these traits at least weekly and jot down some ideas that come to mind in terms of how you can experience them. Here’s the thing: You know what you need, you just need to slow down long enough for the answer to expose itself to you so that you can isolate that trait as something that will benefit your health, well-being, and beauty. Make it like a meal plan, and nourish yourself with joy for breakfast, dance for lunch, and optimism for dinner. Or declare a monodiet of one of the traits, such as laughter, and do a laughter cleanse, which requires no more than just starting to laugh. It will feel forced at first and then, suddenly, it will turn into real, authentic laughter.

Ingest, digest, integrate, and continue doing so until you really expand these traits to the point where they are so ingrained in you that they become infectious, and you actually light them up in others.

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