Guy hairstyles for thin hair

For longevity of braid, make sure braids are tight and smooth to ensure the proper application of technique.

Three-Strand Braid Technique 1 Photo Demo:

Step 1: Separate synthetic hair from bulk.

Step 2: Make 2 bunches, gather from middle and pull opposite directions.

Step 3: Part Desired Section of Client’s Hair.

Step 4: Grip Parted Hair at scalp.

Step 5: With free hand gather and wrap synthetic hair around client’s hair.

Pulling downward on synthetic hair. Keep slight tension on synthetic hair while wrapping.

Step 6: Loop to make sure hair stays put. Notice tension on synthetic hair.

Step 6a: Three-strand Braid, Braid should be slowly forming.

Step 6b: Slightly tug at Three-strand braid forming to make sure hair stays put.

Step 7: Let synthetic hair and client’s hair. Mix together.

Step 8: Clip loose strands with scissors.

Guy hairstyles for thin hair Photo Gallery

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