Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale


Back in August, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale announced they were splitting after 13 years together. Gavin, 50, is said to have had a three-year affair with Aussie au pair Mindy Mann -and Gwen, 46, found out after discovering saucy texts and snaps on the family iPad back in February.

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If oil was hot enough to pump it was hot enough to hurt when it rained on you. If oil escaped in the harbour, the ship would be fined and the chief officer could sometimes be arrested. Topping off times were always tense. In between these high drama moments, the cadets’ slog during port time was to take the ullages, keep the moorings at the right tightness, watch the gangway, and carry out all the generalities of loading/discharging work. When discharging, we were sometimes only in port for a few hours, pumping out three or four tanks to keep some small town going, before setting off further up the coast. In these cases, the combined clearance time in and out of port was often longer than the actual pumping time. Although the watches were four hours on, eight hours off, we would often agree in port that one of us would do a double watch to give a decent break to another cadet. When it was turn for a watch-off, I would finish the four-to-eight at 20.00 and go ashore in the knowledge that John or Barry would carry my four-to-eight in the morning stint, giving me a full 20 hours off. You can do a lot in a 20-hour shore run: be ashore by 20.

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