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Happy hours and packages: In case you feel the above mentioned discounts will not be a great option, offer summer special packages like head-to-toe package at a little less price to let your clients walk into the salon. Not only is it a superb remedy to retain existing client, it will also to pull new ones. Moreover, you can fi x a Happy-Hour slot during the daytime when your feel the rush becomes less, perhaps between 1 pm and 4 pm or from 2 pm to 5 pm. You could also offer an one plus one service free, or some good percentage of discount to clients, who visit during this period. Offer free doctor consultation: Gwyneth Paltrow This one is for those beauty clinics that have doctors in their salon’s premises to advice the clients.

However, any salon can appoint a doctor to offer such consultation of day to day basis. This minimum investment for salons can help them earn maximum prof i ts in a short span. These clinics may promote the free-consultation offer via all kinds of media to make sure people visit them to seek the doctors’ advice. Wherein, your doctors as well as other expert professionals can advise them on how-to take care of their skin, hair, diet and overall general health during a free-session. Gwyneth Paltrow

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No wonder if the counseling can result into more sales when the clients decide to take a particular service. This is a win-win situation! Pamper your client: Last but not the least, pampering your clients during their appointment will surely going to leave a great impression. So, be sure to shower her with seasonal vegetables or fruitjuices to cherish her stay on your salon. Offering them these juices instead of tea – will help the client get out of her comfort zone and visit your salon all the while that sunny atmosphere!

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