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The good news: Somebody likes what Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand, Goop, is selling. The bad news: The fans were a trio of thieves, who made off with pricey items totaling more than $170,000 from the Goop Mrkt holiday pop-up shop at New York’s Columbus Circle on Dec. 5.

On a busy Saturday during peak shopping season, one robber reportedly distracted an employee while another pried open a locked cabinet in the luxury-goods store. By the time a staffer noticed the cabinet shaking, the thieves had grabbed several pieces including a $106,000 vintage Bulgari bracelet, an 18-karat-gold David Weiss bracelet valued 6 DECEMBER 28, 2015 OK

Dat more than $43,000 and three men’s Rolex watches and escaped. Thankfully, the NYPD responded quickly, a Goop rep said, our customers and staff are safe, and we remain open for business with proper security precautions in place. Privately, an insider says, some in Gwyneth’s circle think the whole thing is hilarious, because Goop merchandise is so expensive.

Indeed, the store rep, apparently trying to downplay the incident, stressed that the six-figure theft involved a very limited number of items. Meanwhile, Gwyneth, 43, is upset, but she wants to make this popup a success, says the source. If so, a little extra security might be in order.

The thieves’ Goop Mrkt haul included three men’s Rolex watches reportedly worth close to $23,500, according to New York City police.

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