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Hair care is one of paramount essential requirements for people of all genders. From little girls to women of older ages, wish to attain the smooth and silky, voluminous hair; similarly, men too would not wish to get bald. Thus, hair care and hair products are the sensational selling topics for companies in cosmetic industry. The increasing concern of pollution and loss of hair is the potential selling point for many hair brands. According to the definition of Wikipedia, “hair care is a term for hygiene and cosmetology which involves the growth of hair from human scalp.” Hair care routine has been the most discussed issue among many countries. The skin care and hair care routine differs among many religions and regions too. For instance, the skin care routine for people in Korea have a 10 step process, while people in USA, have simple face cleaning remedy.

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Type of hair related products:

Science and cosmetology has revolutionized to a large extent. Even for people who have grown completely bald, can obtain the hair transplant surgery and attain the full grown hair on their head. Similarly, people can get their curly hair straightened and vice versa. For actresses and actors, hair product usage and change of style is an everyday job. Major types of cosmetic products which are used are: Hair colouring, hair conditioner, hair gels, hair mousses, hair glues, hair sprays, hair tonics, hair wax and pomades. Although, there are many ways, the treatment levels vary from person to person.

Hair care products are usually helpful to control the general properties or effects on hair. The can be very useful to maintain the hair in desirable shape and pattern. For example, to make hair look shiny, the hair conditioners are of vital use. By using hair sprays, you can set your hair style in form for long span of time. However, the ingredients and usage methods vary for each hair care applications. Let us understand few hair care essentials, which are normally used by people.

Shampoos: the shampoos or rinses are products which are used to clean your hair from dirt and dust. Rinses are often used after shampooing and washing the hair. Some brands have both shampoos and rinses in one formulation. The choice of shampoos must be chosen carefully. Since, the hair quality and texture varies from person to person, all the products may not be safe to use. Some may cause even allergic reactions. The manufacturers often conduct extreme and rigorous tests, in order to ensure safety of the product.

The hair sprays are quick drying products which are often in liquid form. They help to keep your hair in place. The ingredients often help to stick the hair together for long amounts of time. Hence, when one makes a great effort to set an hair style, they use hair spray, to retain it for extensive duration. However, hair sprays are known to cause irritation to scalp and eyes. Thus, safety must be ensured while using the spray.

The other common hair care product is the hair conditioner. The hair conditioners are used to make the hair smooth and silky. They help by replacing the natural oils which are often lost during regular washing of hair. The selection of right conditioner which is suitable to your hair is very important.

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