Hair Color Chart: Shades of Blonde, Brunette, Red & Black in 2019

Make the Most Of The Natural Hair Trend!

More and more women are going natural. Many are experiencing hair length they haven’t seen since they were girls and their moms and aunties did the press-and-curl and three-ponytail twist (you remember—one ponytail twist on top and two below, secured with your favorite color of knockers hair fasteners that were elastic with two round balls) for church. That being said, many women occasionally want to wear their hair straight without heat damage or having to go back to a relaxer.

Hair Color Chart: Shades of Blonde, Brunette, Red & Black in 2019 Photo Gallery

Enter KeraCare Thermal Wonder! KeraCare Thermal Wonder is a versatile thermal-protection system for naturally curly hair that detangles and helps straighten hair for easy manageability. Featuring fresh homemade botanical extracts and natural non-GMO moisturizers, the system results in damage-free hair, with natural shine, plus softness and humidity protection for longer-lasting straightness. It’s free of straightening chemicals and will not change the natural curl pattern, so they have the flexibility and freedom of wearing a straight style one week and a curly style the next week, after shampooing. The easy three-step system includes a pre-poo to moisturize and detangle hair, a gentle shampoo to cleanse and condition hair and a thermal protector to seal, protect and help straighten hair.

I’ve had the same off-black hair color my entire life, and I want a change. How do I go about finding the right shade for my hair?

Consider colors based on your undertones. If you have yellow undertones, gold, yellow or bronze hues could work. If you have olive undertones, consider red shades, to give you a little boost. If you have red undertones, play them up with cool shades like a mocha or chocolate brown. We also suggest you work with a colorist to find your perfect match.

I just dyed my hair three weeks ago, and my roots are already growing out. This happens every time: it looks great for the first two weeks, then my roots start to show! What do I do? I can’t stop my hair from growing!

This is a common dilemma for many women who don’t have the money to run to the salon every two weeks.

Invest in a few quick fixes. You can purchase hair-coloring crayons, brush-on shadows and even temporary coloring sprays to mask your roots between salon visits. They come in a wide variety of shades; choose the one closest to the hair color you are wearing.

I’m considering changing my hair color with a permanent dye for the first time. What should I keep in mind before I have this process done?

Don’t add color if your hair is not in tip-top condition. Using permanent color will only worsen damaged hair. So get your mane in shape beforehand. We can’t stress it enough!

Keep a good shampoo and conditioner made for colored hair in your shower caddy. Maintenance is everything. And it won’t hurt to add some hot-oil treatments with conditioner. Moisture, moisture, moisture! We also strongly recommend going to a professional colorist to avoid the detrimental effects of improper dyeing.

Make absolutely sure both a patch test and swatch test are done before you have the color applied all over your hair. Permanent coloring is a chemical process, and you want to make sure there’s no hair breakage or skin injury as a result. Once you cover all of the bases and everything is good, enjoy your new look!

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