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Hair contouring is going to be big business for summer 2016,’ says Lesley Jennison, global colour ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional. ‘As with make-up, hair contouring can enhance the shape of the face using a combination of freehand colour placement and foiled highlights.’ Adding subtle brighter tones around the temples, cheekbones, crown and jawline gives a lited look, while darker tones placed mid-length and at ends gives the impression of curve and volume.

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Green juices… for your skin Modern skin has to cope with toxin build-up from stress, hormone imbalances, pollution, UV light and poor sleep. These clever new inventions will help combat all those troublemakers Sanctuary Reverse Beauty Sleep Mask is a thick gel mask you apply before bed to repair the day’s damage. It’s non-greasy and doesn’t dry hard; apply a thin layer and let the lavender lull you to sleep (£12;

Hair Contouring

Swap your toner to Givenchy Vax’In City Skin Solution Youth Protecting Water, which exfoliates, blocks against pollution and hydrates the skin (£29; Givenchy at If the skin around your eyes is crêpey because of age and stress, Crème de La Mer The Lifting Eye Serum is like applying a thin ‘tape’ that contracts for a temporary toning lift. The intense hit of all the rejuvenating ingredients has a long- term line-smoothing action, too (£180;

Hair Contouring

Sisley Sisleÿa L’Intégral Anti- Age Day and Night Cream is the Big Daddy of moisturisers should you want to invest. A bestseller for 20 years, this spring it’s been reformulated to minimise the effects of pollution, stress and lack of sleep (£285; Garnier Wake Up Miracle Cream is our pick for an affordable pre-wedding day cream.

While peptides get busy counteracting the effects of fatigue, the smoothing texture uses optical diffusers to brighten fine lines (£12.99; Bourjois City Radiance Brightening Effect Foundation provides medium coverage, and has an SPF30 and anti-pollution screen to stop environmental damage before the wedding (£9.99;

Clinique Pep- Start Eye Cream is a game-changer for dark circles and dryness caused by lack of sleep. It helps to drain swollen puffiness and prevents the build-up of toxic proteins that make skin look super sluggish and pigmented (£22;

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