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Haircare Guide For Best Hair Highlights 

Our hair comes in so many different textures and curl patterns that what might work for me, as far as definition and elongation goes, might not work for someone else. I am a big believer in allowing your hair to “speak” to you and tell you what it needs and wants to do. A connection with your hair in my opinion is extremely important.

I believe that all of us have hair that was designed to do something specific and the way to know what your hair was designed to do and how your hair was created to look, is to develop a “working” relationship with your hair. Connect to your hair and allow your hair to speak to you with regards to what it needs and what it wants.

Most people experience a different texture of hair occurring in the crown of their head. I too have this different texture, but what I have been able to accomplish by way of finger detangling, is the hair in this region has become more trained and my curls in the crown are no longer as “poofy” as they were when I initially transitioned. This has been another benefit of finger detangling for me.

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