Hair Porosity: What Is It and What Type Do You Have?

Every naturalist knows when it comes to porosity’, there are three types. High porosity hair is the kind that soaks up moisture in seconds, only to release it just as quickly. Ifyour hair absorbs moisture more steadily and stays hydrated for longer, you probably have medium or normal porosity.

Then there’s low porosity hair; the type that takes forever to absorb moisture, but can hold onto forages once it’s in. But what if your hair takes a long time to absorb moisture, yet doesn’t seem to do a good job of holding onto it? Then you have the second type of low porosity hair. That’s right most people don’t realise there are two types. First, there’s the low porosity hair everybody’s heard of. While this hair type is towards the lower end of the porosity scale, it’s really moderately low porosity, not as low as it can get. Then there’s super low porosity hair; low1 porosity in its most extreme form.

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With the least absorbent surface of all, it behaves radically differently from other low porosity hair and needs a very specific kind of care. Here’s how to tell if you have it: Your hair never gets fully wet. Moderately low porosity hair takes a while to absorb water, but it eventually gets fully wet. Water will soak in all the way, weighing it down, making the hair sleek and shiny, and causing many afros to temporarily transform into jheri curls.

Super low porosity gives you the opposite results. ‘I have an afro when my hair is wet and an afro when my hair is dry,’ explains Chioma, a Londoner with thick super low porosity hair, summing up one of the most striking features of this hair type. Because its porosity is so low, hair like this doesn’t get as weighed down or start to clump under water. The naturally tightly sealed cuticle won’t let in enough water for that to happen. If you have super low porosity hair, ’tt-Sfres’.

Clarify with sulfates Super low porosity hair needs a clear surface that conditioning ingredients can bind to. Keep conditioning shampoos to a minimum; many of them leave build-up which can block moisture on this hair type. Instead, build your routine around a deep-cleansing shampoo like atrActiva Anti-Stress that cleans without residue. you can see how little water it takes in by the way water droplets roll off your strands, or sit on the surface without penetrating and truly soaking your hair.

Your hair dries in record time Moderately low porosity hair is so good at holding onto moisture it can take several hours or even days to air dry. It’s slow to absorb water, but since it eventually takes in a lot and releases it very slowly, drying can be a marathon process. In contrast, super low porosity hair is known to flash dry’. Since only a small amount of water actually makes it inside the resistant strains, they can air dry very quickly.

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